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I just think it’s wonderful that people like you are reaching out to provide more music education to our youngsters. We’ll spread the word!

Anne Twite; Ruidoso, NM

Thanks so much for providing thoroughly enjoyable quality radio programming for our children and the rest of the world.

Tom, a parent; Hope Sound, FL

Forget about kids — I want that information I heard a little bit of, on Boombox (#1?), re melody, etc.

Jim Terr, Blue Canyon Productions, Santa Fe

Monday Sept. 16, I was driving through Colorado and New Mexico and was tuned to KANW where I heard a fascinating program. It was all about harmony, chords, consonance, dissonance, major, minor, etc. . . . Imagine my delight when I discovered that this was not a single broadcast, but part of an entire series of equally wonderful programs.

Gary Rodman

Just listened to the first installation of your show — been waiting eagerly all week. Wonderful! I loved it! I am home working today, and I didn’t want it to end. I was so engaged, finding out stuff I’ve wanted to know myself. And I’m so glad you included a bit of Arabic music.

New Mexico musician

What an incredible resource for elementary education music teachers! I’ve already forwarded your URL to my daughter who is a music ed major in college. I am a piano teacher as well. Thank you!

Laurie Swigart, Upstage Review Theatre Company

I tape your programs every week that I can, and we listen to them as a family (with my 5 and 8 year olds). My husband and I learn and enjoy every bit as much as the kids do.

Thanks so much for an incredible educational service.

Dana Bell, Albuquerque

I was driving in my car and totally enchanted by the Boombox Classroom program aired today that discussed Eastern, Western, and in between music.

Where might I receive a copy? What a great teaching tool! Thanks.

Shirley Barnes, Albuquerque

Brava! Or I should say “Bravi” to you and to all the people that helped create your engrossing, entertaining Boombox Classroom.

Its greatest strengths are the clarity of the explanations, the variety and quality of the illustrative material, the lively pace (what a monumental editing job!), the sheer pleasure it offers.

Station Manager

Aways lively, entertaining, informative, full of surprises, the program just gets better and better.

Charlie Smoke, WHIL-FM

It is truly the best children’s program KBBI has ever aired.

Station Operations Director

It deserves to have a wide audience of children and adults.

same Operations Director as above

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I have enjoyed your program almost every week since it began three years ago. My students absolutely love the program. Thank you for your excellent program.

Marie Rendon, Montezuma Elementary, Alb., NM

Today I found the Boombox CDs at the ARTS center. Thank you so much for producing this program. I’ve listened to a couple of the CDs and they are just great! What a terrific resource.

Jeannie Pace, Mitchell Elementary, Alb., NM

A couple of the folks who’d started using the program were raving about how much they liked them. They were thrilled with the content, the ease in using the materials, and just the general quality of your work.

. . . One word: Outstanding. I have not a shred of doubt that it will be heard in countless markets and hailed as a milestone in Music Education. The concept itself is that brand of genius that causes people to ask, “Why hasn’t somebody done this before?” Your entire crew does a first rate job of pulling it off. The kids loved it and immediately asked if we could listen to the rest of them. Congratulations and get ready!

. . . We’ve been enjoying the shows. My fifth graders used multiple threats of disobedience in order to make me promise to tape episode 3 since we couldn’t listen live (conflict with the puberty curriculum). Keep up the great work!

. . . Boombox Classroom was a huge success on Friday. My students were clamoring for “more, more, more!” The feedback from the other teachers was excellent and we all enjoyed the worksheets. Guaranteed Placitas will be tuned in this Friday. I am sending emails to all teachers in the Bernalillo School System to get onboard with us. I am very excited about all the possibilities for this project.

. . . We listened to the first installment on Friday….fantastic! It was interactive and engaging! We especially enjoyed dancing to the music at the end of the program. We look forward to listening to Green Chile Jam Band next week.

. . . My 5th grade class at Osuna Elementary greatly enjoyed and benefited from your show. What a great idea! We will be listening every week.

. . . Your first program today was great! We’re looking forward to hearing the ones to come.

. . . I’m blown away. The program is fresh and fun and wonderful!

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