Boombox Classroom Topics


Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Rhythm Rhythm II Rhythm III: STOMP!
Timbre Timbre II Timbre III
Harmony Harmony II Monsters of Harmony
Melody Melody II Melody III
Space I World Music Showcase Philadelphia Orchestra
Space II Clarinet Family Meet the Composer II
Civil War Music Guitar Family East Meets West II
Singing Revolutionary War Music Cowboy Music II
Cowboy Music Jazz 101 Queen Elizabeth I
Peace Choral Music I Land of the Vikings
Pop Quiz Choral Music II Musical Jokes
Thanksgiving The String Quartet Thanksgiving III
Opposites Thanksgiving II World Harps
Theme & Variations Medieval Music Musical Families
The Brass Family Careers in Music Sonos Handbell Ensemble
Winter Holidays Snow Day! Fred’s Family Tree
Transportation Music of Africa NY Philharmonic
Street Music Ensembles Music of Scotland
Fabulous Flutes Found Instruments Masters of the Piano
Fabulous Fiddlers Giants of American Music The Bowed Piano Ensemble
Water Music Igor Stravinsky William Grant Still
Dance Music Baroque, by George! The Traveling Band
Black History Month Tempo Romeo and Juliet
Pitch Music of Appalachia Music of South America
A Visit to the Symphony The Victorian Era Music and Migration
Genres American Folk Music Music Integration
Women Composers Bells and Whistles Work Songs
East Meets West Wizards: Double Reeds II Jazz-a-ma-Tazz
The Piano Migration of African Music Dvorak Comes to America
A Visit to the Opera Singing II Carnaval!
What is Chamber Music? Joe Trio Hammered Dulcimer
Double Reeds Music and Animals Marimbas
Meet the Composers Music and Language Monster in the City
For the Birds Native American Music
Low Strings Music By Kids

Year 4

Jollip’s Bongo Concerto
The Zamir Chorale
Jollip’s Dancing School
The Louisiana Purchase